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Hire remote Full Stack Developers as full-time employees through Cosmogence

In order to find highly distinguished, remote Full Stack Developers, Cosmogence conducts technical interviews and protected technical exams that evaluate the theoretical background, working-knowledge, and hands-on experience of each candidate in relevant technologies such as those mentioned below.


We evaluate associated soft skills!

Our team evaluates various character traits and soft skills applicable to the type of role the Full Stack developer will be taking on. This helps us verify their skills and recommend Full Stack developers that fit your team’s needs.

Due to this extensive vetting process and hands-on approach, Cosmogence is confident we can help your team employ high-caliber Full Stack developers with proven experience successfully delivering high-quality work and who are highly proficient in Full Stack Development.

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How Cosmogence Serves Your Team


We have local job board partners that allow us to reach top talent and effectively find excellent candidates for your team.


We vet candidates based on character, skill mastery, work experience, and outstanding English skills. We only offer you the best of the best.


Your recruitment concierge will match candidates based on real, informed knowledge of both you and the candidate so we can ensure the best possible match.

Simple Payments

We streamline monthly payments so you have one simple, transparent payment. It’s as easy as that!

Benefits Consultation

We provide a benefits consultation so you can understand best practices in each country, so you can make more informed decisions about the benefits you offer.

Legal Compliance

We have partner law firms in each country to ensure legal compliance is met and all contracts are enforceable according to each country’s requirements.