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Hire Highly-Skilled React Developers as Full-Time Employees

Our Team Of Experts at Cosmogence Have a Proven Method of Finding the Best Remote React Developers Around the World

In order to find highly distinguished, remote React developers, Cosmogence conducts technical interviews and proctored technical exams that evaluate the theoretical background, working-knowledge, and hands-on experience of each candidate in the relevant technologies mentioned below.

Our interview and test covers:

  • JavaScript Fundamentals
  • HTML and CSS
  • Code quality, Dev tools
  • Git
  • TDD and react testing library
  • Data Structures , Objects, Classes
  • Modules, Components
  • Resource Management
  • Exception Handling
  • Components , Life Cycle, Hooks
  • DOM, JSX, Performance Tuning
  • Routing, React Forms
  • State Management (Redux/ Flux), React State /Props
  • Service Worker, PWA
  • SEO, Design Principles

We evaluate associated soft skills!

Our team evaluates various character traits and soft skills applicable to the type of role the React developer will be taking on. This helps us verify their skills and recommend React developers that fits your team’s needs.

Due to this extensive vetting process and hands-on approach, Cosmogence is confident we can help your team employ high-caliber React developers with proven experience successfully delivering high-quality work and who are highly proficient in React and it’s supporting technologies.

Hire an React Developer Employee

What Cosmogence Offers

Extensive Vetting Process

Each React developer undergoes an extensive vetting process that includes HR and technical interviews, language and technical assessments, and employment verification.

Time-Zone Overlap

Find talented React developers that fit your team’s collaboration needs. We’ll find candidates that will have full or partial time zone overlap depending on your needs.

Personal Concierge

We believe in the unrivaled power of the human experience. We get to know each candidate personally
so we can recommend React developers based on real, informed knowledge about “who” the candidate is.

The Best, But Easier

We’re a one-stop platform to find, hire, run payroll and administer benefits for remote employees from around the world. This means you can hire the best remote talent, but easier.

Hire an React Developer Employee

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    Receive Matched Candidate Profiles

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    Review Video Pitch & Resume

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    Video Interviews

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    Easy Hiring Paperwork